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Custom network tools development and system management expertise from Developex.

DSPX PC Control

We offer custom DSPX software development services. Feel free to contact us. Tool we have implemented was created to control custom DSPX device in real-time through COM (or TCP/IP) communication. Interesting part of the tool where skinable engine which allows to customize the look and feel of all controls of the program. Used Technologies: C++.


Screen Capture is a very good tool which allows to capture screenshot or video once user pressed configured shortcut keys. Has a lot of uses , stating from bug reporting (instead of description in text you can just record the problem on your screen, finishing presentation). The captured image or video can be submitted then… Read More »

Developex.Logger Component

Developex.Logger is a small but very useful component. 🙂 It is designed to extend functionality of System.Diagnostics and provide additional features such as tagging of tracing messages, filtering (based on tags) etc. Key features: Any tracing message can have one or more different, that can be used while saving or viewing logs. Support of different… Read More »

Network Map Inventory Agent

Network Map performs scanning of network and builds graphical views of discovered network topology. Used tools and technologies: Delphi MS SQL Oracle Newer version screens (also integrated with Inventory project) Database connection settings List of available units – computers with Agents installed on them Detailed information about computer  hardware List of SNMP units with possibility… Read More »


Communicator is the client/server based application that traces e-mail correspondence and saves it as code-protected archive files. It works with SMTP/POP3 servers and Exchange servers. It also can work remotely. Used tools and technologies: C++, Integration with MS Exchange and Outlook