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Development Technologies and Programming Languages that we use for developing applications and software.


.NET Component which allows to use AIM functions in your application. Features and advantages: Easy to use OO structure Application to debug protocol and behavior Sign in using your nickname Get statuses of bodies from your contact list Contact list management Send/Receive Messages and make file transfer and many other functions of AIM protocol Component… Read More »

Integrity Messenger

Complex skinnable software that allows multiple configurations and effects. Most complex control in this application is ContactList control which has complex behaviour and events mechanism. Another complex component is slidable panel (you can see on first screenshot there panels that can slide in/out from main window. Sure, there are plenty of other controls like buttons,… Read More »


Is the client/server based system for MS Outlook resource sharing. This system is the Outlook MS Collaborative Solution not using Exchange Server. It consists of a server program that is installed on one computer and an Outlook extension program that is installed on each computer that runs Outlook MS. Used tools and technologies: C++, Integration… Read More »


Communicator is the client/server based application that traces e-mail correspondence and saves it as code-protected archive files. It works with SMTP/POP3 servers and Exchange servers. It also can work remotely. Used tools and technologies: C++, Integration with MS Exchange and Outlook