DevxExec bugfix release v. 1.13

By | September 29, 2011

Good day.

Here comes fresh release of DevxExec – great tool that allows you to run any process from any credentials like domain users, SYSTEM, TrustedInstaller, etc.

Thanks to Tom Cryar for finding this bug.

Also I want to post DevxExec version changelog:

+ Fixed bug with starting process without password from Local System

+ Fixed bug with setting permissions on target WindowStation and Desktop

+ If no password is specified then DevExec tries to create security token itself

* Refactoring
+ TrustedInstaller

* Refactoring
* Minor bugs fixed

+ Request for administrative privileges

* Fixed bug with setting permission for NETWORK_SERVICE and SYSTEM account

* More traces

+ CreateProcessWithLogon method is now optional
* Permission set in a separate process

+ Possibility to run process under SYSTEM account
+ can specify sessionID for token

+ Possibility to run process under Network Service account
+ Mute Mode
+ Optional Log

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