Pocket HelpDesk

By | January 15, 2009

Pocket HelpDesk – PDA (windows mobile) client for Helpdesk system. Positioning (GPS) functionality supported with possibility to set markers on certain locations, locate connected users and find locations using Google Maps. Additional, module for managing positioning system Position Center.

Used tools and technologies:

  • .NET, C#,
  • Windows Mobile
  • Newer version screens:

    • Application Settings. Here user can set server settings, change used language and conditions of work (wide mode) of PDA client
    • List of available cases (portrait mode)
    • Adding different types of description to case (wide mode)
    • Setting owner of the case (wide mode)
    • Edit case details (portrait mode)
    • Viewing map on mobile device
    • Adding personal marker to the map (PDA device)
    • Find location using Google Maps
    • Focus selected marker on the map
    • View map with cases in Position Center (desktop part of application)
    • Position Center settings window where server connection, language and map appearance can be set
    • Adding marker on the map in desktop module
    • DirectX technologies used in Position Center provide fast work with large maps and 3D effects
    Pocket Helpdesk - PDA (windows mobile) client for Helpdesk system.
    Manufacturer: Developex

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