Latest Software Development Trends To See in 2024

In the past few years,  the software development sphere has experienced revolutionary innovations and transformative changes. As the global software development market hurtles towards an estimated valuation of $507.2 billion, the transformative impact of emerging trends becomes increasingly evident. Understanding and adapting the latest software development trends is a strategic necessity for businesses aiming to… Read More »

How to Choose the Right Software Development Service Provider

In the diverse world of software development, the choice of a service provider is a decision that can chart the course of success or set the stage for challenges. As businesses navigate the evolving technological landscape, selecting the right software development service provider stands as a pivotal moment, requiring careful consideration and strategic evaluation.  The… Read More »

Top IT Outsourcing Trends: what to focus on?

Today we can definitely say that 2020 has divided our world into “before” and “after”. But, it’s not a surprise, the development of projects didn’t stop, and that’s why outsourcing is here to stay. Moreover, IT outsourcing keeps on growing and bringing fundamental changes to businesses worldwide.

Embedded development

Intro For a number of years, Developex has been working on different types of embedded development. Starting from firmware for microcontrollers to complex AI camera systems, our team of highly skilled engineers is happy to help. Currently our team consists of more than 30 embedded developers and we’ve already completed more than 30 projects. Not… Read More »

Qt for Internet of Things

The Qt framework has been used since 1995 for development under X11/Linux platforms. Within five years this framework started to be applied to embedded development projects. Over the next 5 years, Qt was transformed into a tool for cross-platform development. Today the Qt framework is well known as a universal framework for multi-platform and complete… Read More »

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