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  • 350 IT specialists on board
  • 400+ delivered projects
  • 100+ clients from across the globe
  • Offices and teams in Europe, North America and Asia
  • 20 years on the market


Dedicated Development Teams & IT Staff Augmentation
  • Highly talented teams with great budgets. 350 people working full-time on client projects. We are most effective in starting teams of 3-10 engineers!
  • Software Development Process based on world best practices, that we have been refining since 2001 with more than 20,000 man/months of services provided.
  • Structured risk management through experimental and lean approach.
  • Scalable recruitment process to get the best people working with us as fast as possible.
  • Culture to foster innovation, generate ideas and solve issues for our clients.
  • Always win-win oriented, with full transparency and accountability practices embedded in the process.

UI/UX Design Services

Mobile Apps Development

Desktop Apps Development

Web Apps Development

Embedded Software Development


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Our Team

Management, Vancouver
Alex started his IT career by winning several national programming contests in his home country of Ukraine. While completing his Masters in Computer Science, he worked on projects dealing with real-time critical data processing. For the past 14 years, he participated in and led a number of projects with different architecture and technologies sets, finishing with the development and deployment of custom business systems with Cloud/SaaS deployments for clients.
Management, Kyiv
For the past 14 years, Mike has been leading the development and implementation of solutions for enterprise applications, e-commerce, big data, and social technologies for clients like Trend Micro, Logitech, Corsair and many others. One of the most prioritized directions of Mike’s work is developing and deploying platforms and start-ups based on distributed computing and scalable architecture. This includes solutions for enterprise applications, e-commerce and social apps.
HRD, Kyiv
Recruitment Lead, Kyiv
Lesya has joined our team one year ago and gave our family even more positive emotions. During this time, Lesya has become an important part of DevelopEx. Every day she tries to create better conditions for all of us and helps everyone to feel special. DevelopEx for her is a place where everyone should feel happy and find friends.
and 150+ engineers in Kyiv office
Developex Team


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