DevelopEx Remote Surveillance solution (engine demo)

By | April 26, 2010

Short version:

If you need to control what your remote workers are doing – you can try our Remote Surveillance tool . The same if you need to see quickly what your office workers are working on now or if they want to show you something on their screen without installing additional software. The tool is very simple – it doesn’t have any “logging” functions or “take control” functions, etc., it just shows you remote screen on request and user actions on it.

You can get free 3 months trial, but you need to contact us by email or Skype with request.

DevelopEx remote engine was developed near 5 years ago as a alternative to open source VNC engine with advantages of better re-usability in 3rd-party screen sharing applications, and since then it was used in several applications/solutions. As basic demo of our engine we created this tool and hope it will be useful to people.

Longer version:
In 21st century when technology makes globalization possible, a lot of work is done by people located in remote places, software development in Ukraine, data entry in India, accounting in Philippines, research in China, etc. (the countries in list are random 🙂 ). DevelopEx as outsourcing company is a good example of such globalization. And the companies who start to use outsourcing faster then others, often have advantages to their competitors by providing cost effective services, quickly restructured teams, faster turn-around time to its customers. And if big/medium companies are creating offices in offshore or nearshore countries or rather making a contract with established software companies, small companies or entrepreneurs often hire single or several people only. And the big risks of such recruitment is that to control remote worker, who is working from home, is actually not easy task. You never know if (s)he is doing your task or looking for a video now or doing someone else’s task. Of course important thing here is a trust, but trust doesn’t appear instantly – often it requires years to build trusty relationships. Another possibility is constant control over Skype/phone, detailed reports, etc., but it also takes time and not only time of your remote employee but also yours. So what to do if you need to control people’s time now?
First thing which comes to the mind – use remote desktop like program which will allow to monitor the computer of your employee. Setup it to remote computer and use simple client to connect any random time you need to see his (her) monitor. That’s it – people knowing that their monitor is reviewed randomly, will be aware and more concentrated on work process, you will have more information about productivity of team and it will be easier for industrious people to show that they are better then average and ask you for a raise for example :). So it’s actually win-win situation if your employees are really good.

There is nothing new in this approach – it is widely used now for remote workers and even to control in-house people. But the tools on the market are usually complex and heavy to use. And Developex didn’t invent anything, we just developed very simple Remote Surveillance Tool with simple installation and functions and you can download it and start within just any time you need.

You can get free 3 months trial, but you need to contact us by email or Skype with request.

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