Developex.Logger Component

By | January 30, 2009

Developex.Logger is a small but very useful component. 🙂

It is designed to extend functionality of System.Diagnostics and provide additional features such as tagging of tracing messages, filtering (based on tags) etc.

Key features:

  • Any tracing message can have one or more different, that can be used while saving or viewing logs.
  • Support of different storage. Each storage determine way of storing messages by itself. Component provides storages, that can produce XML-formatted traces (file and memory based).
  • Provided System. Diagnostics compatible trace listener, which give a possibility to catch messages from components that does not use Developex.Logger
  • Tags are just Enums, that allows to extend them freely without any dependency to other assemblies, but gives IntelliSense support.


Structure diagram:

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