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By | September 5, 2013

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We can work with any of services listed below or create a custom implementation of A/B experiment or any other landing optimization.

Top 10 Services Offering A/B Testing for Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization is only one part of the entire search engine optimization strategy that companies employ for their online success. It therefore requires specific techniques that serve to maximize your conversion rate, which is the most important goal of a landing page, among other things. Many services are being offered by SEO experts for A/B testing as well as landing page optimization; here we have chosen the top 10 paid and free tools or software applications popular among users.


Optimizely is an A/B testing tool offering services like tracking the variations of your landing page by simply adding a code segment to your HTML. You can choose various parameters like clicks and conversions to see how well your pages are performing. SEO experts can try this tool for 30 days totally free of cost but after this period they will have to pay a fee per month in order to use the application for future testing. Optimizely is one of the most popular tools in this field as it also provides integration with other marketing tools like Google Analytics and SiteCatalyst.


SiteTuners is a useful conversion rate optimization tool offered to small as well as large businesses online. It has many trusted clients including Facebook, Nestle, Sanyo, and Verizon. Its affordable heat mapping tool known as Attention Wizard is quite popular among the users. All you have to do is use a web application to analyze a screenshot for visual effectiveness and performance. If you really want to improve your landing pages for conversions and sales, this tool is highly recommended.


This is yet another useful tool for landing page design, optimization, and testing. It provides A/B testing services that are easy to implement and even a novice can use them with ease. The tool makes your pages live and collect real-time data for you to analyze. The interface offered by this tool is easy-to-use drag and drop platform that makes your task even easier and allows you to save time.


Convert is a multi-testing application offering not only the popular A/B testing for landing pages but also other techniques like split URL and multivariate testing for websites. It consists of a simple wizard program that allows you to set up a testing scenario. It is also one of the most affordable landing page optimization tools available out there offering effective services at just $9 per month, which is quite reasonable.


This is not a drag-and-drop tool but a plug-in that you need to install in order to use it for A/B testing and landing page optimization. It also provides testing for statistical significance so that decisions could be made according to the results. This is one of the free tools for landing page optimization and testing that you may want to use in the beginning of your marketing campaign.


Use this tool to identify various conversion-related metrics important to your landing page and see how your different versions are performing. You get a visual interface to drag and drop your choices and get real-time results. The manufacturer offers a free plan for beginners and an affordable fee for small businesses. If you find Optimizely to be a bit pricey, then try this landing page optimization tool and start your campaign today.

Visual Website Optimizer

This A/B testing tool is very popular among its users since it provides many services like usability testing, behavioral targeting, revenue tracking, and multivariate testing. It also allows the analyst to see which links or buttons on the page are actually being clicked by the visitors by using a service known as heatmaps. You can easily increase your sales, signups, and conversions by using this tool, which has been designed for small businesses as well as large agencies and enterprises.


If you are new to designing landing pages, use this tool to get proven templates. InstaPage also allows you to drag and drop various elements on the page and design it according to your requirements. You can get real-time data for the number of visitors, page views, conversions, and much more in just a click. The manufacturer offers a unique way of testing by using this tool that replaces the traditional A/B testing. The technique is known as “Machine Learning”, which allows automatic improvement of your web pages by looking at the trends common among your visitors. For example, how deep they scrolled down, which buttons or links they clicked most often, and how much time they spent on one of your landing page.

Google Website Optimizer

This is another free tool offered by Google for A/B testing of two or more landing pages. The tool is easy to use and provides a straight forward methodology for A/B testing. All you have to do is add a unique JavaScript to your code and then analyze the results. The benefit of using this tool is that it easily integrates with other search marketing tools provided by Google, such as Google AdWords so that you wouldn’t need to install other plug-ins and applications to execute optimization and testing of your web pages. This tool has now been named as Google Analytics Content Experiments. Since the tool does not offer a WYSIWYG editor, you may find it a little difficult to use.


This tool offers A/B testing for landing pages as well as multivariate testing and segment testing. It also supports advanced testing features like behavioral targeting and heatmaps. You may use it free of cost for the initial 30 days to see if it suits your business requirements. It has a simple and fast interface and allows split testing in two straight forward steps. You can also try variable rate or throttled testing by using this tool. Vertser has a US based support team, which is available at all times to assist you in your online marketing campaign.

There are hundreds of other tools available out there but the ones mentioned above are the most popular. When you are done determining which version of your landing page performs the best, use it for online publishing of your content and maximize your conversions! Feel free to contact us right now.


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