Business Intelligence and Push Intelligence System

Business intelligence.

Business intelligence

Push Intelligence tracks KPIs across multiple data sources, SaaS applications, Big Data platforms and Business Intelligence dashboards and enables users to focus, collaborate and act on key events in the data that are impacting the business.


Business intelligence startup from California, USA.

Project type

SaaS, staffing.


PHP, Angular, Java, Python, MySQL, Hadoop, BigQuery, QlikView.


Business intelligence BigData platform.
App on Notebook

Business intelligence platform that delivers:

The proactive distribution of personalized data and context from any data source — from spreadsheets to Big Data — enabling everyone to make informed decisions quickly and easily. Fastest time to first insight — rapidly deploy your first visualizations, typically in 60 minutes or less. HTML5-based service with both SaaS and on-premise deployment. Mobile clients to provide maximum usability for the users.