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European manufacturer of tracking devices

Project type

Project type

Software for consumer electronics, Consumer Apps, UI


The tracking device works with its dedicated Mobile Application. When the App senses that the contact with the tracking device is lost, App alerts you with a sound and registers the last-seen location.

Moreover, if you cannot find your car keys or item because they are hidden in one of your desk drawers, you can just open the App and turn on a buzzer, which with its loud tone will help you find the lost.


Main Features

  • It alerts you if you’re about to lose an object you’ve attached the tracking device to.
  • It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with the tracking device (the maximum range is 10m/30ft).
  • It uses Location services to record the tracking device’s last known location, based on your Smartphone’s geo-location data.
  • It allows you to track your car’s location.
  • It lets you know when you’re close to an object you’ve attached the tracking device to.
  • It uses the tracking device to create a map with multiple pins and share it with your friends.