System Administration Services: Empowering Infrastructure Resilience

System Administration Services: Empowering Infrastructure Resilience



US, California
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BI SAAS company

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Enterprise Business Intelligence Portal is the leading BI governance platform that integrates all your BI tools, reporting, and metrics into a single, consolidated catalog of governed and certified assets
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Developex Team

Software development team, QAs, IT support, techwriters, UI/UX designers, admins


from February 2010 

Client Background

Our Client – BI SAAS company that helps to analyze and streamline data for businesses. Their BI platform facilitates tracking metrics from various sources such as business intelligence tools, big data, and SaaS applications. Additionally, this platform identifies anomalies and alerts users to significant data changes, enabling them to make informed, data-driven decisions efficiently.

Since 2010, Developex has been actively collaborating with the company, offering comprehensive software development solutions, scaling, testing, and supporting Business Intelligence platform, along with mobile applications. In 2020, Client sought Developex also for expert system administration services.

Challenges Faced

In 2020, enticed by a three-year favorable offer for a public cloud version, the Client migrated all servers to the public cloud, witnessing a 5x growth in team and resources over the period. Unexpectedly, they received a notice of the program’s closure with a bill over 10 times their current expenses. 

Thus, the Developex team proposed the following solutions:

  • Purchase of servers and network equipment in the shortest possible time.
  • Comprehensive assistance in migrating from the cloud to the private cloud is provided.
  • Effective management and cost optimization to support a rapidly growing team and resource demand.

Developex’s Approach

In response to the Client’s critical situation, Developex implemented a strategic approach, showcasing our expertise in system administration services with a focus on backup and disaster recovery, IT consulting and services, and cloud data migration strategy. Notably, we ensured that we incorporated only non-critical servers into our infrastructure, specifically those essential for development or pre-sales activities. This approach not only addressed the Client’s needs effectively but also resulted in significant cost savings.

✔ Strategic Acquisition of Servers for Cost-Effective Solutions:

Developex’s approach starts with a strategic decision to procure additional servers, strategically placed near the Client’s team. This ensures simplicity and cost-effectiveness tailored to the Client’s needs.

✔ Harnessing Developex’s Expertise for Infrastructure Management:

Recognizing Developex’s skilled system administrators, our Clients entrust their infrastructure based on firsthand experience with the excellent maintenance of our servers.

✔ Utilizing Ukraine’s Internet Advantage for Seamless Connectivity:

Operating in Ukraine leverages cost-effective and high-speed internet infrastructure, making it an ideal location for hosting servers and ensuring optimal connectivity.

✔ End-to-End System Administration for Reliable Infrastructure:

Developex’s system administrators provide end-to-end support, from hardware selection to ongoing maintenance, ensuring a reliable server infrastructure for our Clients.

✔ Robust Backup Configuration to Ensure Data Integrity:

Developex’s system administrators manage the setup of virtual machine backups and subsequent global changes, ensuring a resilient and dependable backup strategy.

✔ Comprehensive Data Security and Flexible Maintenance Solutions:

Developex implements a dual backup system to enhance data security, storing backups on its servers for added protection. Additionally, temporary server clusters are provided for flexible maintenance, supporting virtualization and managing peak workload situations.

✔ Flexibility In Maintenance With Temporary Server Clusters:

In cases requiring physical server maintenance, Developex offered its server clusters for temporary use, facilitating virtualization and handling peak workload situations.

✔ Empowering Client IT Personnel Through Comprehensive Training:

Developex goes beyond simple infrastructure support by providing extensive training to the client’s IT staff to ensure smooth operations and reduce reliance on external support.

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Implementation Process

1️⃣ Swift Procurement and Cluster Setup: Rapidly procured servers and networking equipment for system administration and IT infrastructure services, setting up a cluster efficiently. This ensured uninterrupted service and cloud infrastructure optimization.

2️⃣ Guided Migration from Public Cloud: Assisted in the seamless migration of virtual servers from the public cloud to the newly established private cloud, ensuring data integrity and minimal downtime.

3️⃣ Client Admin Training: Provided comprehensive training to the Client’s system administrators for effective private cloud management.

4️⃣ Resolution of Connectivity Issues: Addressed and resolved issues related to internet speeds and remote access for the Client’s dispersed team, emphasizing overall connectivity improvement.

5️⃣ Solving Problems With Load on Disk Systems: Gradual removal of HDD drives and replacing them with SSDs and further migration to ALL Flash vSAN.

6️⃣ Developex’s Solution During Blackouts and Infrastructure Disruptions: Amid Russia’s attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure causing widespread blackouts, it was necessary to quickly find a solution to the problem. A special generator on one platform provided uninterrupted operation for up to 10 days with the support of a backup generator of the same capacity. One provider was up and running for 3 days, and another with identical specifications was added to minimize the vulnerability. In addition, the on-site office allowed the team to work 24/7.

Results: Enhanced Infrastructure and Cost Benefits

  • All systems are operational, and there are no reported issues; servers are well-maintained and configured.

  • The project is no longer restricted by public cloud virtualization rules.

  • The Client faces no equipment-related challenges and can acquire used servers at lower costs for significant expense reduction.

  • The Client can deploy virtual Apple machines on their servers for application development at no additional cost.

R&D work: we had to be adaptive to changes in the project...

Our Values in Action

  • Transparency: Clear communication channels ensured the Client was kept well-informed, fostering trust and collaboration.

  • Problem-Solving Approach: Developex tackled challenges with agility, promptly addressing issues like unexpected cloud closure and connectivity problems.

  • Resourcefulness: The team demonstrated resourcefulness by suggesting an innovative in-house “data center,” strategically using existing resources.

  • Effective Communication: Regular updates and thorough training facilitated effective communication, ensuring a seamless transition and Client admin proficiency.

  • Comprehensive Support: Developex’s all-encompassing support covered everything from hardware selection to continuous maintenance, delivering a thorough solution.

  • Reliability: By navigating blackouts with a dependable backup infrastructure, Developex reinforced reliability in the face of unforeseen disruptions.

Why Choose Developex for System Administration Services

  • 350 IT specialists on board
  • Offices and teams in Europe, North America and Asia
  • 20 years on the market
  • 400+ delivered projects
  • 100+ Clients from across the globe
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