Incidents Reporting Tool

By | August 20, 2009

Web-module for helpdesk system which allows filing helpdesk and inventory reports to support people.

It has dynamical fully customized GUI and visualization effects. Multilanguage.

Used tools and technologies:

Some of Incidents Reporting Tool functions

  1. Administrative area allows customizing elements on any page of user area
  2. Color and graphic appearance of any part and control of user area can also be changed by administrator. Gradient color can be used.
  3. May graphical elements can be changed to custom uploaded pictures
  4. Page for report creation with some modifications in interface
  5. Create report for other user with default graphical settings
  6. User can use Knowledge Base to find possible solutions for his case
  7. Information about status and details of already created report can be seen by user in any time on special page
  8. All internal system messages and warnings are placed on separate page
  9. User profile window
  10. Editing user information. Data that can be edited is defined by application administrator.

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