Audio DSP Configuration system

Audio – the interface for system of audio gain


Section 01 Desktop


Customer: American manufacturer of consumer audio products.

Project type: Consumer Apps, Software for consumer electronics, Software for professional audio device, UI, Firmware.

Technologies: Qt, C++, Multi – platform.

Audio DX interface


Section 02 Application interface showcase



Application delivers a powerful user experience, within a clean and intuitive graphic interface. Once connected, application automatically recognizes DSP and configure its interface appropriately. Launch App in simulation mode to experience its powerful capabilities without connecting a DSP, or create your own custom configurations offline for upload to a DSP product.

Audio DX 2

Audio System

Audio system
Section 03 Application interface showcase

Audio System

Software controls the following features:

  • The available Project Levels: Basic, Advanced and Expert.
  • Preset management: create and manage up to ten presets.
  • Input and Output Channel labeling.
  • Inputs Sensitivity for analog inputs. Input Routing and Mixing.
  • Eight EQ Banks.
  • Hight Pass and Low Pass Filters.
  • Speaker Distance Delay Compensation, Additional Delay and Output Polarity.
  • DRC Setup: configures the included wired controller, just the way you want it.
  • Signal Levels: allow to fine the relative of all channels in 0.5 dB increments.
Audio DX 3