Desktop Motion UI for Gaming Peripherals



This is the new UI that we are developing at the moment and have some projects going where we are implementing it. This video is a concept we made to show the clients. We believe motion UI or at least elements of motion UI can bring more attention and overall looks much cooler than the static UI most companies on the markets release. So this we see as a way to stand out of the crowd and make people feel a bit in sci-fi or game.


Typically the project like this consists first from two parts. Design work building full UI flow and motion design elements (designer and motion designer, sound engineer, a bit of software engineer). After that this UI can be created as multi platform application or native application for mobile platform.

Motion UI Interface description
Motion UI interface Motion UI interface

The budget heavily depends on the goals of the UI and level of effects you would like to implement. Design concept may take 3 to 10 weeks. Implementation of UI may take 3-6 months depending on complexity.