Mobile and desktop companion application

Arkade Blaster

Mobile and Desktop companion applications



Arkade Inc. – American mobile gaming peripherals company

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Project Type

Mobile applications. Desktop application. Firmware


Developex developed desktop and mobile companion applications. They pair with Arkade Blaster device and allow users to configure the device controls, live stream your games, and find the games to play.

Also, our team worked on the firmware for Arkade Blaster. The device has a joystick and game control buttons. Users can re-assign buttons and each game comes with a custom button profile. Moreover, there is a LED-display on the Blaster to show the battery level and in-game information (health bar, ammo, etc.)

App Mocks

Main Features:

  • Pair and control Arkade Blaster.
  • Set-up buttons configurations for different games.
  • Live stream the games you play.
  • Find games to play.


  • firm
  • ble
  • kotlin
  • swift
  • qt
  • viedo