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Management Vancouver
Alex started his IT career by winning several national programming contests in his home country of Ukraine. While completing his Masters in Computer Science, he worked on projects dealing with real-time critical data processing. For the past 14 years, he participated in and led a number of projects with different architecture and technologies sets, finishing with the development and deployment of custom business systems with Cloud/SaaS deployments for clients.
Technical Management Kyiv
For the past 14 years, Mike has been leading the development and implementation of solutions for enterprise applications, e-commerce, big data, and social technologies for clients like Trend Micro, Logitech, Corsair and many others. One of the most prioritized directions of Mike’s work is developing and deploying platforms and start-ups based on distributed computing and scalable architecture. This includes solutions for enterprise applications, e-commerce and social apps.
Software Engineering Vancouver
Leonid is a software engineer for the iOS platform. He is interested in information security and mobile industry trends. As an iOS developer, he has created applications that interface with wireless hardware devices and designed client-server mobile products for our customers. He has also played a key role in architectural design solutions for custom iOS frameworks. He likes dancing, jogging, cycling… and, of course, meeting new friends.
Software Engineering Vancouver
Sergey has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. While studying, he was the winner of several national competitions in math and physics and was the recipient of prizes from competitive programming contests. Sergey has been with DevelopEx for the last two years and has participated in a few challenging projects. He was able to apply his knowledge of Java SE/Android SDK in apps for voice processing, intelligent assistance, media streaming and social networking. Sergey enjoys playing tennis every weekend and also loves cycling.
Human Resources Kyiv
Ever since Evgeniya joined us 2 years ago, our DevelopEx team has doubled in size. She has been integral in many ways and and has grown professionally with us. She believes that work is the place where you should feel special, find friends, and become a part of big family. Our HR team always strives for excellence and thanks to Evgeniya, DevelopEx is creating the best conditions we can for everyone.
Recruitment Kyiv
Anna plays a significant role in our HR department, meeting many candidates on a daily basis. Her openness and kindness allows her to conduct successful negotiations with potential hires. Anna’s motto: Respect every candidate and provide answers to each within 24 hours. Due to her technical education Anna easily understands all the requirements and details of each relevant open position. This quality helps her hire highly skilled professionals.
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