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Our development partners and affiliated companies.

Oxygen Nine

Oxygen Nine (Canada) has been created by a pool of IT professionals in 2003. The aim of all Oxygen Nine laboratory researches is to enable the IT professional to concentrate on the technical assistance, without worrying about the means to perform it. All the preliminary steps required in the past can be avoided. This kind… Read More »


Proxistep à été lancé en 2001, quelques mois après lexplosion de la bulle Internet, Proxistep propose une approche rationnelle et méthodologique des médias numériques.

US Biometrics

Headquartered in Naperville, Illinois and founded in 1997, US Biometrics designs and deploys a wide range of biometric technologies for corporate, financial, governmental, healthcare and educational clients who require absolute authentication of customers and employees. US Biometrics provides a full range of integrated solutions for digital identity applications including physical access control, network logon security,… Read More »