Top IT Outsourcing Trends: what to focus on?

By | November 13, 2020

Today we can definitely say that 2020 has divided our world into “before” and “after”. But, it’s not a surprise, the development of projects didn’t stop, and that’s why outsourcing is here to stay. Moreover, IT outsourcing keeps on growing and bringing fundamental changes to businesses worldwide.

Before we start talking about IT outsourcing trends you’ll need to focus on, we would prefer to firstly mention some benefits of outsourcing. Here we go:

  • Saving money. That means you just pay for the service, not for a person delivering this service to you.
  • Flexible staffing. Hiring/firing processes are much easier. Besides, it will cost you less time and effort to replace an employee and hire a more skilled one.
  • Locations are unlimited. You can get top specialists without even going anywhere. Isn’t it perfect? We think so. Even for those simple reasons, IT outsourcing is an absolutely beneficial solution for you - to implement intelligent changes in your business.

For more than a half year, we saw how some areas got unique strengths and opportunities, despite the continuing rise of COVID-19 cases, and among them, we can determine such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Streaming
  • eCommerce
  • Gaming
  • Food
  • SaaS
  • Internet
  • Diversified Internet
  • Security

No doubt, those areas will continue to grow. But there are also some special predictions for 2021 you should pay attention to. And we would like to talk a bit more about some of them.

  1. Artificial Intelligence. Yes, it’s still a growing trend as it’s more efficient, doesn’t suffer from human errors, able to work 24/7 and what's important, can be used in risky situations. That’s why every day AI brings us new and unique solutions in applications for personal and professional purposes.
  2. Internet of Things. From year to year, it continues to grow with ridiculous rates. Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Grid, Wearables, Industrial Internet — we still need more and better solutions.
  3. Cybersecurity. It would never be out of trend, no doubts. And it still needs to improve a lot.
  4. Alternatives to Cloud Computing. Today cloud adoption is a must for businesses. And, of course, we need alternatives that would exclude such things as ongoing cost, security issues, and reliance on the internet. For now, among available alternatives, we have Mesh Networks, Resilio, and LBRY.
  5. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. As it is really beneficial for healthcare, education, tourism, marketing, entertainment, and other areas, AR and VR are here to stay.
  6. 5G Network. After a long period of development, 5G has finally become a reality in some areas, so it’s still in need of new solutions for improvement and adaptation.
  7. Chatbots. Currently, chatbots have become very popular for customer service. Chatbots are becoming human-like as today they are more AI-driven.
  8. Blockchain. Yes, it’s still here. One of the reasons “why” — blockchain is a good solution for providing security to IoT devices.

As we see, outsourcing trends are pretty much based on the philosophy of smart solutions and efficiency work. So if you’re part of the game, it’s the right time to jump into a no stopping IT trends train.

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