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Outsourcing to Ukraine – 2012 development rates

There’s new report of ITO about outsourcing tendencies and rates in 2012 in Ukraine Source: “Exploring Ukraine. IT Outsourcing Industry”, Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative This report is really big, more than 100 pages and very interesting to read. If you want to see full version of report, click here. We will try to extract most significant… Read More »

Management of IT company

Management of IT company short version: Theme 1: While Ukraine has many small teams working with various customers – their cooperation in single administrative infrastructure would give additional benefits to all participants. Theme 2: DevelopEx provides administrative services for existing development teams in Ukraine. Theme 3: DevelopEx can setup a development team and do all… Read More »


UI Prototype for us is user interface draft for all screens of system with maximum behavior (java script where possible, popups, etc) and completed design.  Usually design is something that can be changed very easy so often prototypes has several design versions for review and selection.Prototype doesn”t contain business logics inside or connnection to database, it is just list of interconnected screens.

How our development process works?

We have two most used collaboration options: Project based approach People based approach Another popular approach is when customer hires our programmers and manages them directly: gives them tasks, checks their work, accepts time reports and pays monthly invoices. Often we also assign manager who organizes communication between customer people and developers and assure time… Read More »

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