How our development process works?

By | January 16, 2009

We have two most used collaboration options:

Project based approach

How our development process works?

People based approach

Another popular approach is when customer hires our programmers and manages them directly: gives them tasks, checks their work, accepts time reports and pays monthly invoices. Often we also assign manager who organizes communication between customer people and developers and assure time plans and tasks completion and control. If needed such team can be even organized legally as separate company. Sometimes it can be useful if you want to have a lot of control over whole development process and/or need to have official company in Ukraine.

Few more questions you might want to ask:

Q. How much our services cost?

The price to our services depends on project complexity (needed experience), project size and our current load. The fact that we have many customers of various size and from different corners of the world (including Eastern Europe) shows that our prices are affordable and highly competitive in comparison with other outsourcing companies. Please contact us to discuss the cost for your project/situation.

Q. What guarantees and support do we provide?

All systems we develop go through our testing department which tests software on different hardware and software configurations, using manual and automatic tests before every release. Additionally we guarantee the high quality of our source code, which is achieved by different practices like coding rules and code reviews by lead programmers. We provide 3-12 months of free bug fixes to all software/code that we develop. The actual free support period depends on project size and details of contract. In real life many customers are long-term/returning and we support our systems for years.

Q. Do we have samples, success stories, references?
Yes, we have a lot. You can of cause look at our exprience pages and also Partners pages. If you need personal discussion with some of our existing customers, please message us and we can provide you with references and details how you can ask them directly about us.

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