User Interfaces and User Experience solutions

UI & UX Design Research Content audit User problems Analysis At the first step we make analysis and audit of the all the information provided to us from the customer. We discover all requirements, features and conditions. Strategy User tasks Requirements User strategy At the second step, we try to find out all user tasks[…]

Computer System Monitoring Software

SYSTEM MONITOR Software Project description This app is Windows application that allows user to monitor and control work of different hardware: PSU, Liquid Coolers, Fan and LED controllers, DRAM lightnings and HW including MB, CPU and GPU parameters. The main purpose of the software is to check various temperatures, configure fans and LEDs. Customer Large[…]

Gaming Peripherals Management Software

Software for Devices Control customer Large international consumer hardware company. Project types Entertainment, Consumer Apps, Software for Hardware, UI. Technologies C++, Qt, QtQuick, JavaScript, Wix, Cocoa, CMake. Description Utility engine for advanced gaming devices. This powerful and versatile software grants users control of a wealth of options including: Cross-platform: works on all major desktop operating[…]

Software and firmware for Portable Multi-speaker system

Mobile Application for speaker device Project description Development of software for controlling Bluetooth speakers. These wireless speakers integrates with the application to extend functionality beyond quality sound. Customer Large international consumer electronics company. Project type Software for Hardware, Entertainment, Consumer Apps, Mobile. Technology iOS, Objective C, Bluetooth, Android/Java, BLE. Description Controlling software for Bluetooth speakers.[…]

Software for Gaming and Professional Headphones

Software for Gaming and Professional Headphones Project description Enjoy legendary audio with zero hassle. You get 2.4 GHz wireless freedom at up to 40 feet, and ten hours of uninterrupted gaming at a time. Genuine Dolby 7.1 surround gives you lethally accurate positional audio, and the 50 mm neodymium drivers produce staggering bass, highs, and[…]

Audio DSP Configuration system

Audio – the interface for system of audio gain Desktop Desktop Customer: American manufacturer of consumer audio products. Project type: Consumer Apps, Software for consumer electronics, Software for professional audio device, UI, Firmware. Technologies: Qt, C++, Multi – platform. Application Application Description: Application delivers a powerful user experience, within a clean and intuitive graphic interface.[…]

Desktop Motion UI for Gaming Peripherals

  PROJECT SHOWCASE VIDEO This is the new UI that we are developing at the moment and have some projects going where we are implementing it. This video is a concept we made to show the clients. We believe motion UI or at least elements of motion UI can bring more attention and overall looks[…]

Grabilla Screen Capture and File Sharing Platform

  Grabilla the platform for instant file sharing Download for Windows Download for MacOSX Download for Chrome Download for Android Download for iOS Download for Firefox Features: Take photo or video and upload it to Grabilla; Upload images and videos from your phone gallery; Instant sharing of any media files with “Share” context menu; You[…]

Business Intelligence and Push Intelligence System

Business intelligence Push Intelligence tracks KPIs across multiple data sources, SaaS applications, Big Data platforms and Business Intelligence dashboards and enables users to focus, collaborate and act on key events in the data that are impacting the business. Sorry, your browser doesn’t support embedded videos, but don’t worry, you can download it and watch it[…]

Player for Media Streaming Device

Customer: Large international consumer hardware company. Project type: Consumer Apps, Software for Hardware, UI, Firmware. Technology: Qt Framework, C++, Android, Java, C++, SQLite, multi-platform. Description: This music streaming product was released in early 2012 and quickly gained a reputation for delivering superior sound performance. This company now offers a complete range of audio products for[…]